K-Man, deliberately brings Mady P and Malinga Mafia on a song.

Posted by Tendai Malata on Fri 22 May, 2020 14:33:20 pm

K-Man, deliberately brings Mady P and Malinga Mafia on a song.

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Mzuzu based artist, K-man deliberately collaborates Mady P and Malinga Mafia on a song and the funny part is, the long rivals didn't have the knowledge they were both to be on the record.

K-Man recently released a song called Waka which features the two dancehall stars and the message is about uniting as friends and just focus on doing positive music. K man had to put Malinga and Mady P on the same song to portray that unity is the best solution rather than hating for no good reasons as this waste the most productive time.

But how did K-Man manage to bring the two rivals together? K-Man is friendly to both of them. He has always seen it as abnormal for friends deviating ending up becoming enemies. "I musically like both Malinga and Mady P and the beef between them doesn't give a proper impact to people that look up to them. They sometime focus on beef songs instead of delivering positive music that people are missing out." said K-Man in an interview with Urban Malawi.

Furthermore, K-Man explained the making of the song as tricky and alluring as possible because he realised if he noticed Mady P and Malinga Mafia, one of them or both would have denied but he went forward to meet their standards and put both of them on the record without their knowledge.

Malinga's management reaction was bitter upon hearing K-Man had put their artist on a record with Mady P. Malinga's management blamed K-Man that his decision was wrong to bring them together as Mady P perpetually says bad about them and they couldn't allow this to happen, had they known.

Urban Malawi tried to hear from Mady P who said "I don't care to be on the same song with Malinga Mafia. After all, K-Man managed to reach out my standards as an artist. I was doing it like I do with any collaboration. As long as my terms are fulfilled, I am always good to go."

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